total flow rate 2,000 liters/second, at a working head of 32 meters

Scubla has designed and installed the pumping station for the aquaculture plant
AquaSole” in the Province of Ain Temouchent in Algeria.
The total water flow rate is about 2,050 liters/second, at a working height of 32 meters, serving a farm of Meagre (Argyrosomus regius), also called croaker, and sea bream, highly valued as a consumption fishes since ancient times.

The main components of this pumping station include:

  • Nr. 3 submersible propeller pumps
    Unit flow rate 625 l/s at 32m head
    Nominal unit power 270kW
  • Nr. 1 submersible propeller pump
    Flow rate 140 l/s at a head of 32m
    Nominal power 70kW
  • Electric transformer station 15.000/400 Volt.
    Electrical panels 400 V / 1,500 A, with Soft Start system.

Sacrificial zinc anodes were used to protect the pumps against corrosive effects from sea water and sand, the propeller impellers underwent a special surface hardening treatment and the entire pump was painted with anti-corrosion paints.

The “AquaSole” pumping station was built in a location exposed to heavy seas as there are many others in Algeria and around the world.
The solution we designed, which did not require the firm laying and anchoring of large diameter pipes in the open sea, and where any other solution would have had a short duration, demonstrated the relative simplicity of the civil works required, lower final costs, large flow rates, lower consumption compared to other types of pumps.

We have proposed to our client to obtain the necessary spaces for the construction of the reinforced concrete works, with the pre-chamber for the stabilization of the water flow and the housing chamber for the submerged pumps, digging them directly into the rocky platform of the sea shore.
At the end of the construction and after the positioning of the pumps, the last rock diaphragm separating the pumping station from the sea was demolished, thus allowing the water to enter.

There are no complicated fixing devices, so the insertion and extraction of pumps from the pumping station, as well as periodic maintenance, are simple and fast.
The electrical panels and the 3 Atlas Copco 630 kVA generator sets have been installed in a protected position in the cabin and will automatically start operating in the event of a power failure.
The four pumps and their delivery pipes in PEHD diameter 500 mm, each 200 metres long, are independent.
This allows to partialize the flow rates and optimize the electrical consumption, putting into operation only the number of pumps needed according to the water needs of the farm, and to always have a large margin of safety.

The solution illustrated makes it possible to build aquaculture facilities even in “difficult” locations, and to put back into operation already built farms, which have been abandoned due to incorrect design of pumping stations.

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