As evidenced by the annual audits, our customers surveyed Scubla for:

COMPETENCE: we are a group of technicians who, since 1978, have collected multidisciplinary experiences from biology, engineering, electromechanics, wildlife management and animal production sciences;

CUSTOMER ENHANCEMENT: for us it is important to work in close contact with you, to provide you with the most economical, efficient and durable solutions, tailor-made for simple and profitable management;

RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT AND FOR THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE AND WORK THERE: our products and systems offer well-integrated solutions for the protection and enhancement of the environment, as they come from the management of our company: use of a photovoltaic system, careful separate collection , air conditioning system with heat pump, recycling of packaging, paper, metals;

QUALITY OF PRODUCTS AND PROCESSES: for us the careful selection of materials is fundamental. This is why we are committed to guarantee you the best value for money on the international market, a long range of products, the best ergonomics with consequent simple and preserved periodic maintenance. All this is also reflected in a careful and conscious management of our processes, which for years have obtained the ISO 9001: 2008 certification;

TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY AND SERIOUSNESS: our company philosophy is reflected in the values of honesty, commitment, clarity and seriousness. Clear supply conditions, quick responses and our history and achievements are the result;

SPECIALIZATION in SOLUTIONS for RESEARCH PLANTS: with our Engineering sector and thanks to the synergies with many national and international scientific research centers with which we collaborate, we design and build prototypes and pilot plants of “tailor-made” and customer-specific equipment . We are partners and suppliers of many research centers, universities, public bodies and private companies. From hatchery to photobioreactor plants, we are a leading company capable of providing advanced technologies and complete applied engineering solutions, with a strong focus on scientific research and technological innovation;

the LONG COMMITMENT TO SUPPLY PUBLIC AGENCIES: for years we have been authorized to supply through the CONSIP catalog for all purchases by the Public Administration